Is an invisible caution signal available (mainly for trams)?


Since 09 May 2003
As the heading states, is their any invisible caution signals available mainly used for tram layouts/routes?

They will help on signal sections between tram stops, to prevent unrealistic slow running - um I forget what I was going to say next again, oh yeah, using the available invisible signals would act as STOP/GO (or whatever the word is used) signals. Hmmm, could always use caution semaphores! :hehe:

I searched for "caution" & too many threads came up.
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Invisible signal thingie.
I thought of that first, but I think they act more like STOP/GO signals. And before people ask, yes I've attempted to change the speed limits for certain trams, but it just got to confusing with the speed limits.

Oops, forgot, TRS2004
I think the current invisible signals work more like stop/caution/go. I don't think Trainz currently supports caution only signals. I use the Invisible Signal Thingie myself, and it's generally pretty good.