In Memory of Bob Cass

My condolences and prayers go out to your family... I am very sorry to hear that such a wonderful person has passed. But I know instead of running trains on a computer on his route, he will be resting easy and running his Trains on his route for real...
Sorry to bump, but one hour and two dusty right hands later...the scanner screwed it all up, but I drew this.
A Shay of no particular RR runs along a cliff. Steam on, Bob.
I must say, it's very nice N3V acknowledges Bob, and those who have left us from yesteryears. I think they are the only company that I know of that expresses their kind words and heart for those fans who have passed on, in the newsletters, respectively, etc!

Well done, and well said via newsletter N3V Staffers!


Hey Ish, this is Steve. Could you send me a link to that N3V newsletter? send it to solidwalnut at gmail dot com. Thanks.
This is Steve. I just wanted to say thanks, so very much. Your kind words and well wishes are very much appreciate. Yes, very heartwarming to hear just how much dad was loved by you all, and how much his kindness and faith in man was evident here. He showed his true colors and shared his heart and passions.
I'm sorry to bump this thread, but I was looking through some old posts in the Steamshots USA thread, and I just found this.

Excuse me for being late, but You will never be forgotten Bob.
I'll betcha he is enjoying Trains in heaven.