I think I messed Trainz and OpenBVE on my laptop


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Can someone please help me on this. I am afraid that I messed up trainz and BVE on my laptop. Everything started going downhill when I patched trainz 2009 to service pack 4 3 weeks ago. I saw a decrease in fps compared to sp3 on my route. I did not really like SP4 because of that issue so I uninstalled it and then reinstalled trainz starting fresh. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, I spent my time patching trainz to service pack 3 and reinstalling all the content that I had downloaded. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to use one of the tools from advanced system care which allows me to delete cloned files. I deleted some cloned files because I thought it would free up some hard drive space. When I noticed the weird behavior with openbve and trainz 2009, I found out that delting cloned files can be a bad idea because the computer needs those files to function properly. Now, when I use trainz, the laucher shows up all black instead of having the trainz 2009 background image and the CMP reports alot of the assets are faulty. There is alot of texture errors for a majority of the assets. As for openBVE, the subway routes show up with errors also, such as missing engine sounds, and no cab panels. I used a file retrieving program called Recuva. It scanned around 13,000 files in my laptop that were deleted so I recovered them to the C: drive. I went to see if the trainz and OpenBVE issues were still there and they were. I really don't know what to do now. I do not want to go crazy with deleting and reinstalling programs because I do not want to mess something else up. I should have never touched those cloned files. Would anyone know how to fix these problems. I would really appreciate some help or advice on how to fix the problem and having a regular trainz and openBVE experience again.
I made the same mistake about six months ago with TRS 2010. Nothing that I tried as a fix worked except a re-install. Sorry about that.

This situation is fraught with peril.I don't see how a reinstall is avoidable. I would also run a registry cleaner like CCleaner after uninstalling.