I made all kinds of sound objects.


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Some downloadable invisibile sound objects can be easily modified by cloning and subbing in WAV recordings.
In the txt config, you can fiddle with parameters for your liking.

I have made the following:

animal sounds: dogs, cats, cows, horses, goats, sheep, wolves, bear, cats, cougars, pigs, owls, chickens, ducks, geese
people sounds: cowboys yippie-ing/hooting, All Aboard! in my own voice at train station, stagecoach drivers that yell commands at horses in Spanish
building sounds: church bells, school bells
vehicle sounds: diesel trucks revving or idling, diesel engine of Greyhound bus at train station, power boats, fire engines (siren, horn), Harley-Davidson motorcycles
equipment sounds: lawn mower, ringing telephone booths
weapons: gunfire at hunting scene

I haven't done nature sounds yet but that's also doable as rivers flowing, wind blowing trees or waterfalls

You could make recordings of children at play if you want.

I'm making some more sounds for my Model Trainz layout: wind in trees, flowing river, buzzing chainsaw....I have a small forest fire scene for that

What YOU HEAR in Trainz is as much fun as what you see!
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I hate to say it Jon, but these things are annoying. I have gone through great lengths to expunge them from routes. They're a great idea and can work well in moderation, but the constant repeating, presense triggering, usually obnoxiously loud sounds can ruin a truly great route. There's nothing like hearing dogs bark so loudly as if they're downstairs in the living room, while I'm up in my computer room, that it causes my own dog to come running up to see who the stranger is that's visiting!

There are some sounds, such as crickets for example, that are just too loud. Granted crickets can be loud, I know, I have woods behind me and they have kept me awake at night; the same with the peepers and leopard frogs during the spring. But... But can you, or should you be able to , hear them from the cab of a diesel locomotive in notch 8 doing 60 mph? This has always been one of my peeves of routes and I bought early on the sounds when I added in seagulls for my seaport. After hearing the sounds for about an hour, I then spent three hours hunting down that nearly invisible, innocuous, triangle-thing, the sound was attached to.