I caved, and I have a few remarks...

I don't think those routes are advertisements. If they were it would say so, and when you click them it would take you to the store. Instead, they are selected (incorrectly) on the basis of your filter, they are described as 'Other content...', and clicking them takes you to some random selection of sessions.

I don't have that at all.

You are correct. That advertisements should do just as you say and bring up the web page for the store. I show no other filter or "Other Content".
When I select the region India, all I get is the DHR. No Japan in sight. In order to see Japan Model Trainz, I have to select the region Japan. At this time, the only place I see Nebraska is in the clearly marked area "Other Routes you make like." If I want to see Nebraska and its sessions, I have to select the region North America.:)
Why have they made it so difficult to get a route, up and running in the shortest possible time. Looks to me is that they've made so many hoops to jump through that frustration soon takes over. TR12 for instance, you clicked on a tab the routes scrolled down, you clicked on the desired one and presto, up and running in minutes. Now all we have is a screen full of square frames, whereby clicking on one points to another screen with the same amount of frames. By far the tab selection was much better.

It sounds like you might be in the "More Content" menu perhaps?
In TRS19 from the main menu you click Driver/Surveyor > Create Route (same number of steps as TS12).

Or even quicker from the Launcher, just use Ctrl-Alt-N.