How to SAVE a Consist - For insertion into other Sessions ?


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I have just downloaded CEBX 800 made up of 17 sections. I checked some old forum posts prior to downloading and in one it was suggested to save it as a consist! I assumed he meant for inserting it in other poss sessions. In QuickDrive you get the option to clone it but only for that session. So could someone please advise what steps to follow to achieve this, if it is possible.

You save it as a consist in the consist tab in surveyor. The consist tab is the second option in the train tab. To save the consist once the consist tab is open you use the consist get tool and click your train. A window will show up saying. Save new consist as. Then you just name it and boom. Your done.
No sure which version you are talking about, but I found these assets when searching the DLS:
Consist - CEBX 800 (Empty),<kuid2:541259:100102:2>
Consist - CEBX 800 (Loads),<kuid2:541259:100101:2>
... so maybe someone already did this for you.