How to Prevent *Shaking* around curves?


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Hey All,

I'm sure this problem has occured to many but I couldn't find the solution or explanation as to why it happens. Sometimes, when I drive around a long curve (even if it isn't that sharp) at a moderate speed, the train starts to *shake*. I know it's not embanked ;) but I am also fairly sure it's not supposed to do that. Can anyone tell me why it does this and what to do to prevent it? I think I heard someone somewhere say that the insertion of spline points would help...?


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Having been there, done that, to fix it, add extra spline points at equal distances around your curves. I use templates (both right hand and left hand) to lay my curves, and with evenly spaced out spline points, it helps to stop the shaking effect.
Thanks for the info. For most of the larger curves, that's what I did (minus laying the extra splines). I'll have to guestimate the rest. ;)


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Thats exactly what it is. The longer the section of track curve, the worse it is. Its a peice curves really look good.
Doesn't using shorter track splines (2m for example) instead of the longer splines help reduce this effect?
Doesn't using shorter track splines (2m for example) instead of the longer splines help reduce this effect?

Yes, but at a cost on the frame rates (so I've heard). So there will be a limit to how much of the short tracks can be used.

The general solution is, as people have said, use track guides and templates and enough spline points to keep the curve smooth. There are hundreds of these guides on the DLS.

Searches on the ID numbers of the most prolific authors will bring in a huge haul. I've highlighted the ones I find most useful for curves, but there are also lots of guides for track-spacings, yards, junction points, catenary etcetera. Happy hunting y'all.















On this topic, I hope anyone can help....
I downloaded the DS1_16m - TGV track from the DLS and the track is causing the game to seriously slow down which is a pitty because the track loks really really cool espically around curves and changing track.
Do I need a graphices card for my Windows XP or is there such a thing.
My computer is - Intel Core2 Duo processor T5500 1.66GHz 667MHz FSB 2mb L2 cache Intel graphices media accelerater 950 - I hope this is any good:eek: Any replys would be a big help.
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Hi Keith,
Yes, a graphics card would help a great deal, your Intel graphics media accelerator 950 is using a part of the 2 mb memory to run, thus the slow down.
I hope there is a slot to put a card on your motherboard.
enough spline points to keep the curve smooth

From my own experimenting, generally one spline point placed in the middle of a long curve will be sufficient to eliminate the shaking. I don't believe the length of the repeats in the track spline has anything to do with it, so use whatever looks reasonable visually.
After trying to insert several spline points into one of my *shaky* curves and realizing the track shape got distorted and moved as a result, I decided I'll go with gfishers solution and hope for the best. ^^


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