How Do I Make a Session Rule Part of the Default Group?


The North Bank Route
This is one of those thing that has bugged me for a longtime, but never enough to pose the question. Now it's to the point of really, to be polite, upsetting me.

In "session rules" there are the usual default suspects, Driver Setup, Driver Command, Clean-up Derail, etc. How do I add a Session Rule so that it becomes part of the default group and I don't have to manually add it to each session?

Also: In "Driver Commands" is there a way to make a command, i.e. Instant load part of the default group?

Thank you
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Select the route.
Create Session.
Add all the rules and driver commands you want.
Save session as 'route name' default session or base session.
Build your session and save as any name you want.
Next time you want to create a session, just open default/base session.
build your session.
save as another name.
Have not found a way to carry this from route to route. So I build a default/base session for each route I use.
Doing this manually is the way we do it now.

I with there was a way of setting up Driver defaults so these commands and options are available with every route right from the start.

I neglected to mention that I'm using TS12

I agree John. There is a default, N3V setup, we should be able to edit that with our choices.


I'm hoping someone from N3V might weigh in on this, however with estimated launch date of TANE about a month away I'm sure they are quite busy.