Help with unknown assets in route Netherlands v2


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I have downloaded Netherlands v2 for TANE and I have searched for the following KUID's and can not find them even using


Can someone point me in the right direction of what these assets might be?

kuid 72938 is mcguirel from Speedtree fame and
kuid 276266 is ocemy from Chinese Loco's fame
:1253 is Co drivers
:100024:5 is CHN SS4 unit
:100087:5 is CHN C80 unit 1A
:100089:5 is CHN C80 unit 1C
Hope this assist.

Ocemy assets are TS12 build-in content.
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I have looked around to see where I can get the speed trees from. I downloaded a bundle of them once before but I can not find mcguirel's speed trees when I search the web. Anyway I found some of mcguirel's updated speed trees on the DLS so the only option I can see at the moment is to download them and edit the route config file which may be a bit of a job but that is what happens when we keep wanting the latest versions of games or software.

I have TS2012 so maybe I can get some of the built-in stuff out of there but that is not always successful.

When I got some cash I will buy the SS4 pack.

Thank you Trainz friends.