Help with content manager please


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Okay, so I've reinstalled T12 after not playing for two years.

Auto-patch kept failing so I reinstalled again and used the manual patch to build 61388.

The problem now is in trying to update the 361 files that are out of date.

The first file is 2.89Mb so the in-game updater fails. I remember this from two years ago. I also remember that I used to use Content Manager, load the file list in and sort it by size, smallest to largest, let it update as many as it would and then load the larger files one by one using the DLS.

Trouble is, Content Manager just seems to refuse to work for me. All the files have a size of N/A and the list simply will not download.

Additionally, if I try to load the files using the DLS, the cart page says 'content is invalid' for each one.

Are the files not downloading in CM because the content is invalid?
Is it some other problem?
How do I get this game to a clean vanilla state?
Can anyone offer any help here?

For what it's worth I've only loaded T12, the Duchess, and Settle and Carlisle.
Oh and I've set every application file to run as administrator as I'm using Windows 7

Have a look in my Tutorial List link for my Content Update tutorial, which explains the process of doing it in Content Manager.

Be aware though that if you haven't got a First Class Ticket, you may run into issues using this method.

Let's start with a pertinent question - do you have a First Class Ticket? (It removes the 100mb/day limit and slow speed from the N3V Download Station server/s)
Thanks Gents for the quick response.

Muliebuck, why is it a pertinent question? Is trainz a subscription required service now? As I said, all I want to do at this stage is load the vanilla game and have it run. The issue I'm having is that I can't update the out of date files in the vanilla game.

Shane, I've read your tutorials. That's how I found out about the manual patching and run as admin. I've also read your CM tutorials. This is a different problem to the choking that happens on larger files. Interestingly, I added three files to the download cart, one of which was almost 5Mb, and they loaded through CM fine. Now it's choking on a 670kb file.

Are you both saying that an FCT is required (even if only pragmatically) to play the game? I had an FCT but I recall that didn't fix all the problems and I remember the game as demanding more time in setting it up and problem-solving than it ever returned in game time. Clearly, from your headers, the game must be working for you. How?

There is no subscription service and the FCT is the same as it was a couple of years ago. It removes the 100mb daily limit and supposedly gives priority access. Worth every cent in my view.

That you managed to get to build 61388 is significant since the updates were a real PITA.

I don't really understand why your system is choking. If you go to the main menu (Launcher->Start) there is a Download Content Updates menu option that will tell you how many updates you have for installed assets.
You can elect to install none, one, several or all updates. If you have 100's then I'd probably just do a few a day and especially if you don't have an FCT.

I no longer have TS10 installed but this process never worked very well for me in that version. i.e. if there were 100's of updates then it would fail consistently.

The updates method described above have nothing to do with CM although I suppose you could go looking for updates that way if you wish.
Apologies, I got my wires crossed something terrible with another users questions I was trying to help with - alright, the way to 'update' the assets (if say, built-in) is to load CMP, set a filter for out of date, true, built in, true. This should show you all the 'out of date' built-in items. Highlight them all by pressing CTRL+A (selects all of them), then right click and choose 'view asset versions' - this *should* show you all 'versions' of the built-in content, including any/all 'new' updates for said content. Drag them over to the CMP downloader and let it go - it *should* in theory - download the 'new' updated versions of the content and obsolete the older stuff (which, as its built-in, you can't 'delete', but just ignore it. I hope this helps a bit :)
Thanks Muliebuck. As soon as I read 'view asset versions' I remembered that was how I am supposed to do it...

I lashed out on an FCT too. That allowed me to see what was downloading and what was a problem because of the throttling. The problem I was having was with 0 byte files. They appeared to freeze after downloading in a way we are all familiar with. The download bar would go from empty to full fairly swiftly and then just stay there, I checked some of them out on the DLS and they're not zero bytes at all. So I think CM is showing them as complete (zero bytes downloaded of zero bytes so bar equals full) but still has to download the actual file and install it before moving on to the next one.

Anyway, my updates are about a quarter done. I may even get to drive a train tonight!


Paul, I downloaded the patch that updates from 46957 straight to 61388, fired it up and went to bed so I wouldn't be tempted to think it had frozen. Woke up and it was all done!
Happy to hear you seem to have fixed the 'issues' you were having, don't hesitate to ask further if you need help - many of us are happy to do such :)