Help hunting for sncf passenger stock


Hi I have searched the internet far and wide and wondered if anyone knew where I could find free/payware rolling stock for france? :)
Many thanks in advanced
Also search for the websites of mistral69 and trenbirinek - excellent sites for anyone wanting to create a route based in France. I have downloaded most of their offerings!

Thanks for your help :) i found some of these already in my hunt, but again i found plenty of new things. No corail or Teoz liveried stock though (outside the ones on the DLS)

Was i not mistaken that Lafranceentrais used to sell rolling stock? :S They only seem to have a limited TANE offering?
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There was a fair bit built into TS2010 which should be available on the DLS as N3V uploaded most of the assets when they moved to TS12. Whether it works in TANE or not is something I can't confirm, but a search of the DLS for "SNCF" and "Corail" should net you what you want.
Have a look here for corail coaches
Many thanks to those who have suggested other sources for use on routes set in France as this is also one of my interests.