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Well this is my first post so hello for starters! Ive actually owned TRS 2006
for quite a while but i never said a word on the forums till now. Im a huge
fan of Bdneal and slugmashers work, and have used it all on my now
deceased blue bay logging company:(. The story behind the "deceased" is
my faithful computer of 4 years died on me and took all my Trainz maps
with it as well. I spent a good 9 months on Blue Bay( Narrow Gauge) and it
sure was fun to make and engineer. But now that i have my new computer
all hope is not lost, as im working on a California route set near the
Watsonville junction in the early 1950's. One thing im definantly going to need
is a Correct Southern Pacific S-10 or 12 class 0-6-0 switcher. The one on
the DL station doesnt resemble the true engine corectly. And it doesnt work
for me either :(. Ill probably have to make it myself,(which i'd like to) as
i'd like a cab interior :X.

Aside from trainz, i model in HO gauge trains, and spend a hell of alot of time at Roaring Camp railroads in Felton CA.

Ill be posting some pictures of my new route as it starts to come along,
and perhaps my engine. Adios!
Hello and welcome Sabertooth :wave:

If you have had TRS for a little while then you probably realise that your future life will be determined by Trainz, the most additive "hobby" around.

Unfortunately I have not yet found a rehabilitation center that caters for those trying to withdraw from the life threatening TRAINZ WORLD .

Ask heaps of questions as many here have been through many of these problems at least once.

Hello Sabertooth

Welcome to the wonderful world of Trainz

any questions feel free to ask?


Just got that great new General locomotive. What a great whistle, though
it sounds like one of Cass Scenic railroads whistles ;).
Well i already have a problem. I went to buy VMD's NYC pacific but when i
went to checkout with paypal, it said $10,00 US dollars!! So im waiting to buy
but i wondered has anyone lately bought the engine and spent just ten dollars
not 10,00??:eek: