Has anyone made a derailed train or loco?


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Hi all, just curious, has anyone made a static model (well, it could be smoking), of a derailed loco or train (on its side in a ditch or something). Even if it was a loco on its side and you could put it on some invisible rail (then you could change the angle) - provided it didn't require a driver.

My thoughts are - your train is on dual track, one track has been blocked due to a derailed train, you are on the other track under a slow caution, as you come past you see: track broken and messed up, loco on its side off to the edge of the track, repair crew and recovery crew (maybe a rail-mounted crane or similar ready to upright the loco) etc etc, you get the picture :)

Also a half dismantled/cut up loco that can be put in a scrap yard.

Sorry for my random thoughts :D

Happy New Year all Trainz family :)
Clone the bogeys and edit to scenery add a dash of fire and smoke assets and you have a train wreck.
Add tag rotate -YZ- range
It could be the C&TB railroad-Cheap and Two Bits:hehe:
It could be the CC&NCFS railroad-Cut Costs and No Concern For Safety:hehe:
Haha, great railroad names there MR, thanks for all the input, cheers for the link stagecoach, that looks like its worth a try. Whitepass, yes, you're most likely right now I think about it, it would be in use.
Cheers all, appreciate the help and ideas:Y:

That last railroad would be fun to model, and to make little plays for.

engineer: Hey, Chuck, where'd the loco go?

Fireman: I don't know. It was here a second ago.