Great news for Colorado Narrow Gauge!!


The Silver San Juan
D&RGW #315 has been undergoing restoration in a park in Durango, CO for the past few years. She's been on static display there for years. Well, the restoration has taken one more step to returning this beautiful little loco to operation. After 50 years #315 has been moved back to the Durango yards to complete the final stages of her restoration. From what I'm told there are some minor plumbing issues to be fixed to hook up the tender. And, the right main rod needs to be installed. I believe the plan is light a fire in her by sometime next week. After testing and adjustments, the #315 will be pulling some special trains later this summer.

Here's a link to the Durango Railroad Historical Society:
Here's a link to pictures of the move:

This is so great to see another locomotive being brought back from the grave.

Yup, Sounds fan(as in railfan)tastic.

Great Pics. Many thanks.

Lotta wheels on that flatbed trailer. Even a ng 2-808 isn't lightweight.

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The trailer is overkill. As I recall, that model is good for around 60 tons off road, more on the road. (It's an ex-Army one, designed to haul tanks) 315 only weighs around 36 tons.

But the fact that 315 is back at the roundhouse is very good news. I hope I get a chance to see it running sometime.

You and me both Ben. I agree with one of the captions under the move photos, she is certainly the prettiest thing in Durango since the Eureka...

I'm proud to say that I worked on her, even if all I did was polish the side rods. But in the pictures, they look good right? ;) I just missed seeing her being testing to, but living far away it's just very hard to get out there very often.


She looks a lot cleaner now.;)

Congrats to all of the other DRHS members!
Dietrich :)

PS: To any other members that I met while working on 315 (Chris, George, Dennis, and others) thanks and congrats!
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Speaking of which is there any progress on #20 that was taken to strausburg Pennsylvania?

I believe they've completed the boiler inspection and hydro. There's damage near the steam dome from a rollover on the RGS. But, the prognosis is good that they'll be able to fix the boiler. I believe some measurements and checking of the running gear is also done. Report there is that there is a lot of play in the system that will need to be tightened up. But, they believe that they can restore her to operational condition. It'll just be a while.

Thanks Todd

for the pointers - loved looking at the photos
Congrats to all the workers on the project .
Lots of hard work shining in the sun - a real picture

Warwick (wazzer)