gravel(xvg) problems?


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Once again I am trying to transfer my route from TRS19 to TRS22.
I have two gravel(XVG) consists causing CTDs.
If I remove their instructions from the Schedule Library all is well. I have tried changing the locos and different hoppers to no avail.
The alternative is to change the supply chain which I would like to avoid.
As per usual all is well in TRS19.
Any hints appreciated.
Run delete missing assets in your route and see if that works. Sometimes, this fixes weird things like that. I do recommend a DBR since you crashed.
Ok, had to change gravel(xvg) to ballast throughout now have another glitch, the TRS19 session exports with no errors or warnings but shows an error and will not show in TRS22.
Once in I have to sort out a fault with 'Trigger multiple signals' which causes consists to freeze.
Any idea why there should be an error on import?

now a warning on import but no sign of it.
Now accepted!
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