Grain Hopper Load Files...


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I instaled a JR grain hopper and can't find the following kuids. Do I need to search individually or are they a pack?

Not faulty: Cement
Not faulty: Corn
Not faulty: CSX LO 4750 Skins
Not faulty: default wagon
Not faulty: Grain HP
Not faulty: Jointed Rail Train Effects library v 1.31
Not faulty: JR EOT Device Mesh Library
Not faulty: Liquid Load
Not faulty: Multi-number library for rolling stock, v2.02
Not faulty: phosphate fertilizer
Not faulty: potash
Not faulty: Red Corona
Missing dependencies: S-2 Truck 100 ton 263,000 lbs 6.5in × 12in 36in wheels
Not faulty: Sand
Not faulty: Soya beans
Not faulty: Wheat

According to that, you have all those KUID's installed. If they weren't installed you'd either see the DLS icon, or the item name would be "Unknown" (or is it "Unknown Asset", eh close enough.) What is wrong is that you're missing an asset that is part of the S-2 Truck. So you need to go look at that asset & see what it tells you it is missing.

i am looking now but this is the kuid in question:

Unknown Location: <kuid:506034:201802>

Found it and all seems good, for now.