Gold Member Ship With Taxes Cost?

Stupid question. How much is the Gold Membership with Taxes? I want to document my purchases, so I know I have enough for the gold membership as I'm getting some other items as well and I need to know how much it actually costs with taxes. I'd really appreciate the help as I can't really find out how much it actually costs since I've searched far and wide for the answer, so now I'm turning over to the forum to see if anyone knows.
What Hert said they don't collect taxes so you'll have to declare that when you do your income taxes.

Online purchases including subscriptions may or may not be taxable in your State, Connecticut. Since the state has no ability to force a foreign company to collect those taxes for the state, most state have added a "Use Tax" to their state tax return. You declare how much you purchased on the Internet and a percentage is applied as taxes due. In my state, the normal sales tax is 10.25% but the Use tax is just 4%. Your state should have a way to contact them where you can ask if it is not on the tax form. You only owe tax on purchases that did not have sales tax included in the purchase price.
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