Gidday ! Im a former player from the early days of the Simulation.


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I don't wish to start a "flame war" or anything like that, having returned from a few years of getting myself into TS2015 from the early days, and now want to try T:ANE, having bought a copy of Trainz 12 to fill "the gap" while awaiting T:ANE. I would like to ask some more experienced users a particular question, about what are the best settings for running Trainz 12, with little or no stutter if possible. I have a Lenovo 3.0GhZ machine, with 8 GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX-640, Graphics Card, which tends to run TS2015 rather very well enough for me.

I think some of the settings of Trainz 12, as I set them originally, thinking they'd work well enough. not in full maxed settings, a bit too much, as the China setting zoomed in on a red diesel locomotive in a loco yard, but this made the locomotive move too slowly towards the end of the yard, on a short test. Like a locomotive that was "inching forward, with a lot of stutter.

I just need to know from experienced users, how to get the settings right, so I don't see any or no "stutter", if possible - IS it possible to get the settings right, at all ? Thanks for any good advice offered.


Jim McDermott
Hi Jim --

Welcome back. And you decided to take my advice that I offered over in the other Forums?

My PC is considerably less powerful than yours. I run with all the detail sliders set at the maximum and the draw distance at half or less.

And, yes, it does stutter but not unacceptably so.

I actually found TS12 without the Service Patch smoother and with fewer pop-ups. I think that you will find that no matter what PC and what settings you use, TS12 + SP1 + Hot Fixes will never be perfectly smooth.