Getting trains to auto change junctions quicker


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I've built a section of a long a toutrous route. I've set up a train to drive from one station to another.

When the train reaches a red light it stops - it does eventually switch the correct points so it can continue. Is there anything I can change to either allow the Train/Driver to switch points either earlier or quicker.

Using TRS2006
When the train stops, chances are you have a run of two or more junctions between the red signal and the next signal down the line. The Trainz AI prefers to see signal-junction-signal-junction etc,. If every junction is protected by a signal running will be non-stop, but the route can get pretty crowded. Invisible signals are one solution on a low-traffic branch line, but the downside of more signals is that there is a direct ratio between the number of signals and the probability of two trains coming nose-to nose in a Mexican standoff...

Andy :)
Perhaps setting the switch the way you want in surveyor would help. That way, unless another train is messing with it, the switches wont have to switch.