Found a YouTube Video that I'd like to share


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You know that Fairmont speeder that Davesnow has on the DLS? Well, here's the prototype and a few of it's friends taking a trip along the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's trackage. There's also and backshop tour featuring parts you normally don't see. And the drive wheels of Florida East Coast 148, currently being restored in Florida, also make a guest appearance. And the oldest question in the universe is finally answered: How many speeders can fit onto the turntable at East Chattanooga.
EDIT: Here's a link to the creator of the video. Apparently he and some of his friends go all over the country driving their little speeders.
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And here's another video made by him

This time on the tracks used by the Hiwassee River Rail Adventure, a joint venture by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association, a local group who saved this route from being abandoned by CSX.