For those of you that have any errors with TMZ06003's class 37 reskins


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My example was for 37012 'Loch Lomond'

If the content is listed as faulty, view the errors, and you should get loads of messages saying blah.... is not permitted within this container

To solve, open the config file, find the offending line, and type this around the line

extensions {blue..........} NOTE: The 'blue......' is the offending line, do not copy that in, just an example

Thanks to Colin55 for helping me with all of my errors, I'm now error free!

P.S this tactic also works for any other content that has the above error.

TRS06 only, 04 I believe just ignores these errors


IF this is the line with bluestar in, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Bluestar is the coupling system used, which TRS06 doesn't recognise (even though it's included in the built-in class 37 by PikkaBird). Deleting that line will prevent the animated couplings from working.

It sounds as if you don't have SP1 installed. With SP1 installed, CMP throws up a lot less spurious errors, largely restricting reported errors to the ones that will actually cause problems. I've just checked a couple of TMZ's 37 re-skins and none show as faulty in my patched CMP, and they include the bluestar tags.

Yeah, don't delete it, I had that problem last time, I was left with a blue 37 with no numbers or ploughs!

most of the ones are yellow warnings, but in this case, I had two errors, and this solved the problem,

so if you don't have any errors as such, these warnings will not show