Fixing Errors

That usually means there is an extra or missing quote (" ") around some text in the config.
G'day Meowarialroad,

...or that there is a missing "}" (Closing Bracket - required by a container) somewhere in the vicinity of the named tag in the error...

Jerker {:)}
I read the article on wikibooks and it was really confusing. But I think I need to find double quotes, and put a space between them. Only problem is, I can't remember what asset was faulty!
sorry to post on this thread again, but there was another error I found for something else. It is:- Texture 'engine_black.texture' is missing or could not be loaded in mesh '', material 'local*hash-72/kuid 96914 504872**invisbogey*A33F95B*material #1*m.onetex'. Do I just put a solid black picture in and call it engine_black.texture? The issue happens with an invisible bogey for an NG tank mallet, and driving wheels I think.
Look for engine black in another loco and replace the faulty one with it. I have an engine black sitting in my ditty box for just such a need.