Failure to load session rules

The move from surveyor to driver fails to load all of the session rules and commands. In this Session Fail video, it shows the edit session window before and after the move to driver mode. It has to repeat and reset to get the buses to appear in driver.
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The video shows the first attempt to enter driver mode only loads the first driver setup rule. You have to exit back to surveyor and reset the edit session. You can now enter driver mode and the second driver setup loads as well. This seems to happen with some of the other rules also.
It has been a while (TRS19) since I programmed sessions in the Session Editor but there is one thing that does not look correct to me. You have the second driver setup rule indented under the first. In my experience (again from the past) indenting only works when using parent rules - rules that normally make a decision. There are a few exceptions to this but the Driver Setup Rule is not one of those exceptions.

In T:ANE (I believe or was it TRS12??) there was a bug that stopped Driver Setup Rules with long lists of drivers from executing correctly. The workaround was to split the drivers into two setup rules and place the second as a child rule under a Wait rule with a few seconds delay.

Is there a reason why two driver setup rules are needed?
I moved it just to highlight that there are two different rules. The move to driver reacts the same when it is in the correct position.
Rules that are flush up against the left border of the Session Editor will all execute simultaneously although some may take longer to complete than others.

A few questions:-
Why two separate Driver Setup Rules?​
How many drivers are in each rule (can they not be combined into the one)?​
Are any of the drivers or locos duplicated in both rules?​
I have always separated planes, ships, transport, and trains in the driver setup rule. There have been no problems until recently. Trains are all in the top one and buses in the bottom one. One route I have in TRS19 and later in TRS22 has 7 driver setups and they all functioned when going into driver mode. This problem did not exist until after the latest Beta stream was installed. My working install is 119450 and the Beta install is 122912.