Engines Wishlist for Jointed Rail.

I'm not sure how that makes sense as the CR GP38-2s that are freeware are different variants from the payware ones - payware is ex Penn Central and freeware represents GP38-2s built new for Conrail.

No way to know if they're doing a new model of a certain locomotive such as the ex SOU NS SD40-2.
How about an NS SD70M-2?

JointedRail has a serious Frisco deficit! Yes I'm just joking around, but it would be awesome if a Frisco SD40-2 was released to complete the triad of Frisco six-axles. You could take it one step further and add a GP40-2, but the SD40-2 would do just fine.


I would love to see a Payware version of the Norfolk Southern GP38-2 high hood
the free version of it, is good and all that but it’s a slightly older model and for the Ex Southern High Hoods currently as Payware, the GP38-2 is one that’s missing from that
I have the Ex Southern GP50, GP49 and SD45 but No Higher Quality GP38-2
I wouldn't mind an NS ES44AC in the 8000-8023 number series and a Normal Painted NS ES44AC in the 8024-8090 number series.

You guys make GE locomotives, Western Pacific U30Bs with their various schemes on Blombergs would be neat.
Also, perhaps some OTHER locomotives with SPSF colored schemes, more patched units (UP or whoever), and more early GP units, like GP20s.
Covered wagons like F units and E units would be purely awesome.
Would love to see more SD50s, like revamped SP and UP versions and some new skins like KCS, CNW and the N&W SD50S variant.

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