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Dalek"you will never make it ingame and therefore should be EXTERMINATED!!!"......Robby"But that doesnt compute?...Danger Danger !!!"....ROBOTIOD "WHIRRRRRRRRR CLICK!.....Humans are strange?"
I love seeing threads like this.
Now can you make them Drivers? They gotta be better than some of the others.:p
What's Next Dr. Smith Action Figure?

Lost in Space was one of my favorite shows as a kid.:Y:

What's next Dredd? Cybermen? I know...Dr. Smith action figure. Trainz could definately use a Dr. Smith action figure. :hehe:

Carry On!
Great,, Simply Great!

Maybe now we know where the jupiter 2 really landed,

In trainz hehehehehehe,,

Hey Dr Smith running about would explain some problems trainz is having!!!

HEy,, do you have some of those walkers too?? that would be something to see walking the landscape of trainz!!! Do you know animation yet???

OK,, have to ask,, Do you halo have the assasin? Babafet?

You could be onto a whole new world for trainz here hehehehhehehe I already proved you could fly between the earth and moon in trainz hehehehhe.