Creating a "Tour" Session


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What I want to do is to take a person new to my route on a tour around it. I would prefer the AI to drive. The problem is I want the vehicle to stop at various spots and have message popups explaining what they are seeing. I able give the AI driver commands in Driver Set-up. But I can't do pop-ups. And the only pop up I can get as a rule is at the very beginning. And I can't figure out how to get the session to end. If I put it in rules, it either gets ignored, or executed immediately. Thank you in advance.
The trick is to add Track Triggers at each point where you want a message popup to appear. Each trigger will be activated by the particular loco or driver. When activated it will have, as a child rule, the message popup rule.

A Primer on using triggers can be found at

A Primer on using the Message Popup Rule is at

and examples of using both at
I am able to do almost everything I want with the triggers. Just having a problem at the end of the trip. Last message trigger and last track mark aren't playing well together. More testing is needed.
Try the "Delete Train" driver command or removing the train to an "unportal" trackmark then waiting before exiting.
Thank you to everyone who has thrown in their 2 cents on this. I think I have it figured out. Maybe, kinda, well that's my story...

Now, I'm not if I should have started a new thread or not. But I am looking for a beta-tester or two to test out my route. It's a small 1 baseboard (sort of) switching route. It's a fictional depiction of the crowded neighborhoods on the southeast side of Chicago from the 1940's til the early 2000's. It's small, cramped, tight radius turns, sort of complex trackage. I've made sure that absolutely everything on the route is either built-in or on the DLS, including the reskin of a Chicago Rail Link locomotive, no payware, 3rd party or stuff to hunt down.

I've got one session ready to test. It's a matter of simply delivering three cars. I'm final testing a tour of the complex session, that's simply a ride around (or actually a fly-around). There is another session with 3 deliveries and 2 pick ups almost done.

So, if you are interested, PM me your email and I will send out the 2 .cdp files; The Southeast Side Industrial Complex and the session, the Afternoon Local. I am looking for honest positive and negative feedback. I need someone to proofread text and let me know what works and what doesn't. Just because I think it works, doesn't mean it actually does. Let me know.