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Hi People
I've just re-installed 2004 on my new computer,evrything working
A ok,except for one little irrritant,have just downloaded a lot of content from the DLS using the download cart. instead of installing into surveyor,
as it used to do,I find that it has downloaded into a folder on my
desktop.Now I know how to extract these Items into surveyor,but as there is rather a lot of them,and to dothem will take rather a long time
my question is this-: is there a way to extract them enbloc,in other words
all ay once,or will I have to do them one at a time?

What operating system are you using? vista or XP, as I reloaded 2004 build 3099 yesterday onto my vista machineand it would not work.
The only way I know is to use TrainzObjectz. Under menu, there is a batch installer that will do a heap of cdps for you.

It sounds to me (and this is just a theory) that you've told Download Helper to save your downloaded CDP files. DLH (Download Helper) SHOULD download them and install them (correctly) into you TRS2004/World/Despatcher/Downloads folder. If you have ticked 'save cdp's in TDH, then yes, it will save the downloaded content, having installed it.