Commuter Trains: US, UK, EU, CN, JP, and other Countries


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BR480 rolling over the elevated causeway. The train is heading towards the main train station. The causeway is an alternative to the old tunnels that lead to the subteranean station. The bridge is in the centre of the road, as the area where the bridge is located was the lanscaped median before MetroBahn GmBH decided to have approval of the causeway. The bridge construction started on July 2007 and was completed on January 2008.


Berliner Strasse. One of the riverside avenues that link downtown with the outter residential areas. This avenue also features at least 25 parallel parking spaces per block. Although the MetroBahn GmBH wants to use one of the several blocks for HOV and Bus lanes, the local authorities want to retain the spaces for tourists.


Another view of Berliner Strasse. The Berliner Mall is to your left, with the Autobahn connector, Berliner Strasse, and the Rosenberg MetroMall(The old shops that look like row houses).


The MetroBahn GmBH rail causeway facing towards the main station. The Autobahn connector, which connects downtown, the main station, Berliner Strasse, Hannover Strasse, Frankfurter Strasse, and the A10. This road is usually busy, but today the city just finished cleaning up the Summer Sun Parade. There are three main parades: The Summer Sun, the Winter Wonderland, and City Anniversary.


Another view of the causeway, this time looking towards Hannover Square. The Berliner Strasse Shopping District holds over 460 Stores in a 3-block area. From department stores to little boutiques, Berliner Strasse is NOT a good idea unless you've payed your bills.

Hey you guys.... I want to twist this a little. Not only Commuter(Urban to Suburban), but light rail, and bus/BRT. Most buses can be found on

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