Coal Trains in Baltimore


The Sunday Sun in Baltimore had a short feature on the manager of the CSX Marine Terminal in the Canton area of the city. Patrick Mangin said that the coal is delivered by 130-car trains from CSX and Norfolk Southern from mines in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This month 83 of those 1.5 mile trains will be received and ship 1.2 million pounds of coal to Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil and Germany. There are 4 other coal export facilities on the east coast.

I brought up coal exports one time ... and I was sternly told off that: NO coal was being exported, and sent to other countries ... we are going to need that coal, when the Mid East petroleum runs out
cascaderailroad - heh! Now it is increasingly likely that the USA will overturn the ban and begin exporting oil too. Peak oil is still someway off, it seems.

MountE -
ship 1.2 million pounds of coal
I'm sure that would be tons, not pounds, don't you think? Those 130 wagon, 1.5 mile long coal trains must be absolutely amazing to watch go by! Massive.
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The article did say pounds but that could be a writer error. Tons seems more like it to me. There is a yard just before the coal drop and a major street just before the yard you can imagine the wait when one of these cross is crossing.

Well, let's see. 83 trains at 130 100-ton hoppers each would be 83x130x100 = 1,079,000 tons. Problem solved! :cool: