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I am just full of questions today, thanks to everyone that has helped. I have another regarding CMP. My CMP for both 2006 and TC seem to be stuck on one asset (not the same one). The program just hangs and I get a message that says "installing". I let it sit for quite a while like that but there is no change in either program. One of the files that seems to be stuck is very small so I am not sure whats going on.

Thanks again everyone,
I have had some major hangups in CMP lately, I think they were related to the DLS server problem. When CMP hangs up, I hit the CTRL/Alt/delete key combo and bring up the menu, and search for Component Manager. If the number of CPU activity is holding at 99 or zero. That is a very good indication the program has hung up. I manually end the program and restart.

There was also a few times when CMP mangled the files so badly that I could not restart Trainz. I then used my file explorer and went into the Auran/TRS2006 directory and deleted the cache folder, then restarted. That always cleared the problem.

Hope this helps
It seems to have something to do with the server problems the DLS had last week.
I've got both TRS2006 and TC installed.
If I click on the Download Station tab in either one, and look at the Installation Time column, I can download anything with the exception of those assets that have an Installation Date of January 8th or January 10th
January 7th and before, and January 13th download OK, but nothing with a date between the 7th and the 13th. If I try the 8th or 10th, it just says Installing and sets there.
FYI, ever since the DLS went down a week or so ago, CMP seeemed to lock up on rebuilding the data base. I assumed it was something to do with the server. Yesterday for the first time in awhile, it went through the rebuilding process as normal .

Appears to be running correctly now ?

Thanks guys, I hope all is well now. I've been trying to dl Wakalra (spelling) for a while now and its been a no go so far. :eek: