Catenary for TS12


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Hi All,
Could anyone help me to find Catenary posts and wiring that they have used themselves and are workable.Whoever replies that you for your help.There are many on the DS but most come up in the red.
cheers, Robynne
Hello Robynne
What version of Trainz are you using. Narrow your search on the DLS to just your version of trainz

Hi Robynne,

I am sure there are several catenary systems on the DLS that would suit New Zealand. I have used on my TRS12 Goonyella. I don't have it installed at present so I can't check.
Sorry Peter cannot find Goonyella in DLS perhaps has been taken off. Thanks all the same. cheers, Robynne...
There are a huge variety of assets for Catenaries. Notably the European AC stuff by Wedge Antilles, though that has a steep learning curve.

Probably the easy place to start learning about Catenaries would be the stuff Tume did for his Avery - Drexel route. IDK what the current state of it is, but at one time it was on the DLS as TS12 compatible assets, of which there were about 100 I believe and fairly easy to learn to use. Its recommended to buy or get a look at a copy of the Avery Drexel Route to see how he used it, but barring that you could ask him or check around the forums for explanations.

In general its better to avoid the built in "Catenary Wires" that Trainz can put above the track, in favor of a complete catenary system including wire. I do know there are also some choices to be made about what height above the track you want the wire to be.

Good Luck,