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...asked me to post this on his behalf:

"Cascaderailroad is having problems connecting to the N3V Forums. On an Ipad I was previously able to get on the Forums, now the Ipad connection fails and times out. The Laptop has not been able to connect to the Forums ever since the N3V Server maintenance took place last month. Every other website in the world works on both my laptop, and my Ipad, except for the My Trainz/ Forum button. All the other buttons work on the My Trainz sites, except for the My Trainz/Forum button. All the buttons work on the Planet Auran site and Download Station, except the "Forum' button does not connect, and times out: Server Is Unavailable", "Unknown Server Host" ... something is seriously wrong with the site ! I have all antivirus programs turned of, as well as turning off Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows UAC ... and still only the "Forum" buttons do not connect with the N3V Server, and the webpage times out. I can even get into my Profile and edit/save my Password, and Profile ... but still the "My Trainz/Forum" button(s) do not work globally on every N3V site. I can not post a "Helpdesk" ticket as that is locked out, and times out."