Can't host multiplayer sessions - RS Truck Library listed as "Unofficial asset"


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So I've been trying to host a mp session in Trainz Plus / 2022, but there seems to be something wrong with the asset "RS Truck Library" <kuid2:45324:25508:2>. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling different DLC, finding the asset itself online (to no avail), searching the Download Station and searching the forums. Does anyone know how I can resolve this?
Well, if the library isn't already on the DLS, that's why you're getting the unofficial asset message.

All route and session assets need to be from the DLS for a multiplayer game to function.

You will need to contact the library author and ask them to upload that library.

If the library came with some DLC, that may also be the issue, and may require you to contact N3V and ask them for help.

It's most likely a payware assets, in my TRS22 installation the same asset appears as 'unknown asset' in CM. I tried viewing it's dependants but nothing shows up, so I have no idea what route it's from.. I am guessing it belongs to a US payware route..

Check and see if the route your having issues with is missing any dependencies, I don't think that the multi-player function would work with missing dependencies?? Just having a guess..
I'm having this same issue, I can't host or join multiplayer games because of this asset. The only place I can find it is on JR but then it shows as modified when installed so it still doesn't work. Any idea what I can do to use multiplayer?
I would ask in the JR sub forum if they could upload the asset to the DLS. That is really the only way as MP requires ALL assets for both the route and session to either be builtin or on the DLS. Looking in my TRS19 PE, That is a dependency for a large number of bogies they released not long ago on the site as freeware. If I remember correctly they intended to send them to the DLS as well once they were ready. Maybe they just forgot. I think they were released at the same time as the last few pieces of rolling stock which uses some of those new trucks. That is likely how you got the library.