canot load train z

Are you getting any error messages? Were there any problems with your install?

We really need more information than this to answer your question.
Are you getting any error messages? no just it start loading then go back
to the desk top . just the game not comming on ? its fustrating me .
i have all my drivers updated , ati hd 2900 2gb memory all my other game working fine.
just this game not loading up.
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Trainz Not Loading

Is this the first install? Is this a reinstall? If reinstall, did you completely remove the first install including the registry? If you did all these things and still have a problem I would think you have a conflict. Try shutting down all start up programs that are not nessary and then try to load Trainz. If this solves your problem review your start up list and shut down programs that you don't need.:D
i did all this . no start ups . it just start to a black screen and not loading up for some reson . i clean the registry . i think i will ship it back to the company in the end . maybye becouse i have wide screen ?
In that case then add the line
to your trainzoptions.txt. This can be found in (default location) C:\Program Files\Auran\TRS2006

This line will remove the video that is likely causing your problems.
Don't worry. A Little suggestion for next time, try reading some of the posts on the forum. This issue has been raised many times.

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