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when i click the download link nothing happens and it says empty javascript. how will i get their spinecars now?
i believe he is no longer working on the site and closing it down

i wonder if anyone will host his spinecars
[h=2]"SoCalTrains is closing. As I no longer have time for this great simulator, Trainz, I have chosen to close down the site. As far as my assets are concerned, I'm not sure whats going to happen with them. Maybe once T:ANE is released something will happen, but don't get your hopes up. Sorry for the inconvenience"[/h]:( now how will i get the 57ft spinecars?
nvm i can get them from the web archive

Heres How!:
1:Copy the download link from the web archive
2: paste the link in the url bar and get rid of the web archive part of the url
3: good to go! If it says no data received then refresh
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