Canadian Pacific's first road switcher - A Baldwin DRS-4-1000 built in 1948.

That's cool its still around, wonder if they could get it running. Local switch job with 2 geeps and this thing! :hehe:
Curious what that white thing is hanging off it. Fire hose? Ribbon of some kind?

I can't figure that out either. In the article, they say the engine is used as a prop for the sales and marketing departments. It could be a power cord or something for the lights, but who knows.
I was trying to do some further research into this, hoping to figure out where it was now, and accidently found ANOTHER interesting prototype from Canadian Pacific with the same road number :eek:! It was a 1931 experimental multi-pressure class T4A 2-10-4 Selkirk steam locomotive, with 3 cylinders (allegedly 3 boilers too, according to Canadian Pacific's Facebook page), of which the 2 outside cylinders were 250 psi, while the 3rd inside cylinder was 850 psi. It was retired in 1936 and presumably scrapped.

Here's some links to more information (there's even Ho scale brass replicas of it!:D)
I found out today that CPR #8000 (the diesel locomotive) was moved to the Railway Museum of British Columbia somewhere around September of 2012. I've been there 3 times in the past few years, but I've never remembered seeing it. However I do know that they have a replica of Great Northern ALCo RS-1 #182, repainted from Minnesota & Saint Louis Railroad #234.
Curious what that white thing is hanging off it. Fire hose? Ribbon of some kind?
Welp, I'm a bit late, but i believe that's and air line, considering it ends right at the knuckle. It might be in such rough shape that it has no air breaks and they just run and airline along it to connect up the train.