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Can you take the power away from your loco i would like to make a repair depot (a large 1) with a lot of locos but i would like them to be shut down can you help
Only Phil C's locos can do that. Otherwise the locomotives will stay idling endlessly until you exit the session.

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Hello both, you can shut down fuel consuming locos in TRS2006. Open your route in surveyor and go to the drop down menu by moving your mouse to the top left hand corner of the screen. Select 'edit session' from the drop down list and then click on the driver command box and then the 'edit' button just below. You are now presented with a list of driver commands such as 'Drive to', 'Drive via trackmark' etc and if you look down to the bottom of the list you will see a key icon. Place a tick in the box alongside the key (and any other options that you want) and click on the green tick. When you are now in 'Driver' and you right click on one of your loco's drivers you will have the option to shut down the loco in the list that appears.

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