Cab ride on the Metropolitan Railway in 1910


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This is amazing footage with added sound from 1910 showing both electric and steam operations on London's Metropolitan Railway. The line was electrified up to Uxbridge but the line to Aylesbury was steam.
Rather curious about this rail. A third rail just outside the normal gauge I'm used to but is that also power in the dead center of tge gauge? Like O gauge? Did Lionel build this line? LOL

London Underground is electrified with +2/3 of the total voltage on the outer third rail and -1/3 of the total voltage on the central 4th rail. This means you can better isolate the return current than if it went through the running rails from where it could leak into the cast iron tunnel linings and cause issues with other things near. On some non-tunnel sections the inner rail is connected to the running rails and the outer rail given the full voltage to allow tracks to be shared with 3rd rail trains.