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Hello; Just wondering if I am missing somthing in reguards to which is it,"CMP or DLS". I cannot get CMP to load up from my TRS 2006 there is just nothing there. I read talk about the DLS is not working but is sounds like CMP is up and running for some of you. What gives here!!!!.
Any input on this.
a question: what build of TRS2006 are you running? CMP may be updating the Trainz Asset Database (TAD).

A couple things to try:
Load up CMP and let it sit....for a while; go put on a pot of coffee, let it perk, drink it, then check it (if its rebuilding the TAD this may fix it, also the more assets you have the longer this will take)
Try deleting your Assets.tdx file and the cache folder. then load up TRS -- It WILL take longer to load this time because it must rebuild the entire TAD (instead of part of it)

i think this was in responce to a question I asked in another forum (mods can we get a combine here)


This is to peter; Re CMP or DLS. You asked what my Build number is , Which is 3092. Also what happens when I delete Assets.tdx and cache folder? Do I lose everything I have built? Not sure about this !!!
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if you loose anything, you deleted somethign else. the cach folder allows CMP to bring up thumbnails and descriptions (etc) faster. the assets file helps cmp search for content in your local folder faster. you shouldn't loose anything but a little bit of your time.

Helps what? If this about a question you asked, please add your response to you original thread to avoid confusion.
Hi all,
After 5, nearly 6 years of Trainzing, the comments of a newbe are so welcoming.............we are all equal and deserve the same response from members..........being a member since 12,2007 isn't the longest of membership and suggests that respect for longer and established mermbers should be shown first and foremost in responses for help.
I suppose it depends exactly how the quotation is shown, but heh! it doesn't take much to be friendly does it?
I moderate a number of other communities on a long term basis and am disappointed to see how this site allows newbies to 'strut their stuff'.
We are experiencing a new era to Trainz, and sadly, it seems to be one that perhaps requires a bit of restraint and understanding, yet these guys are all knowing and throwing advice around all over the place.
First and foremost, I believe that it has to be established and understood that Trainz has it's roots well estblished in the past and is not a concept of today. The modern concept that because I am a 2004 or 2006 user loses credibility when you add-in the work that we have all been involved in to get to where we are today.
So, come on you lot, come to terms with what's happening today and work towards creating the next phase of Trainz, the software we all love........

I am sure there are many of you that can't wait to respond, and have a go, but get real and see how things really are...........................

All the best and
Best Regards to you all


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Have you committed it? (Sorry if it is an obvious question)

To commit, open up the content manager and in the search box, choose open for edit. Click apply, and then if anything comes up, use the CTRL and A keys (holding down CTRL and press A) in the box on the right where the content has come up. Then hold down CTRL and press M. This should commit the assets for you.