BR class 800 LNER


New member
I am trying to download but I cannot use it because there is a missing dependency Prod Passengers 2012. Can anyone help?

Bev Thompson
Hi Bev. I am not sure I have the answer for you, but it seems a lot of older passenger KUIDs got obsoleted by the newest passenger 2020 asset for Trainz 2022. At any rate, I have three versions of Prod Passenger 2012:
<kuid:447125:110> Prod Passengers 2012 by Zec Murphy Installed from DLS
<kuid:-25:1355> Prod Passengers 2012 (legacy, 1950s attire) by Auran Installed from DLS
<kuid:-25:1235> Prod Passengers 2012 Built-in, Obsolete in TRS19

Either of the first two should work for you. Download them from the DLS, Then edit the config.txt and replace the reference to the obsolete KUID with the new one you want to try. It should appear at least twice, once in the Passengers stanza and once in the KUID list at the bottom. Change both instances, save, and submit edits.