Blender 3.4 UV Editor Editing Problem


HELP!! As usual I can't find the answer or solution to my problem on the World Wide Web (i.e. internet). I select an object to UV edit, but when I make changes (move the vertexes or faces around to other coordinates or position) in the UV Editor, the changes are not seen in the 3D Viewport window. What is seen in the 3D Viewport is the origianl mapping. Now, with this particular model, I imported it into Blender 3.4 from a .obj (wavefront) file, then saved it as a .blend file, then reloaded the blend file to do some UV editing. The .obj file brought with it the original UV mapping, which essentially displaying in Blender as originally configured. I have done this before, but without this or any other UV monster showing itself. Just for information purposes, the material used is material.m.pbrmetal made up of an albedo, parameter, and normal all .png files using the Principle BSDF node, etc., I have employed may times in the past.
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CaseyBerg No the sync selection is greyed out. If I turn it on, then all the faces move together (in sync), but moving individual faces does not change the mapping. Thanks.