Big Bertha - Updates for TS12


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OK, its been a while but I've been busy!

I've slowly been updating Big Bertha to get rid of errors and warnings for TS12 and one of the things on the list was a BR lined version. Since I have no photos or even evidence that BB had BR lining this is somewhat of a guess.

I have not been able to determine the width of these lines so I've made a choice of 20mm. I have a nagging feeling it was an inch but 20mm looks about right on the model.

Looking a various photos, including one of a BB model, I gather the white stripe only appears on the tender and surrounding the number on the cab side.

Here is a shot of 58100 with stripes on the tender. I haven't done anything with the loco itself yet. If there are no objections I will proceed on this basis.

View attachment 166

Sorry about the image size but I cannot seem to make it larger on the page. If you click it you can see a much larger version.

p.s. don't grumble about the update to TS12 as I am trying to make my content suitable for T:ANE.

captainkman;bt3374 said:
Looks great to me! I assume you're going off the photo of the model version in BR Lined livery?


Please, make this available for at least TS2010 so I may use it as well. :)

I'd prefer not to for the reason given. I know you have computer woes but hopefully you can upgrade prior to T:ANE release. There were really very few changes but the most visible would be the lining on the BR version.
Well, I'm not upgrading, just getting a hard drive replacement. But I am also getting Windows 7 put on so my computer will run a bit better. Probably not TS12-able better and certainly not T:ANE. But we shall have to see.

Is there a chance, then, that I could have the loco sent for backdating?

Of course, it is your model and I'd not want to force you into something. I can run the regular BR version but a lined one would be nice as well.

I'm considering some options. Right now I have a problem getting any onto the DLS because it doesn't like the way I did some of the script. CM didn't complain and the updates work ok in TS12 but the DLS verification process doesn't like them.
Best of luck to you regarding the uploading. We'll discuss options regarding me using BB in TS2010 once that problem is sorted. :)

One issue at a time. :)

I'd like to keep the batch that I have just updated as 3.7 so that they can be seen as compliant to that version. I could also release another set with new kuids for TS10 only but that might be confusing to some.

Or, I could just make a TS10 set for you and not upload those to the DLS. I'm open to suggestions.

My real aim is to get these assets off my "todo" list as there are other locos I want to make.

And, I recall volunteering to animate your "Back to the Future" loco wings. Is that still on? I think I may have misplaced some e-mails on the issue.
The TS2010 set for me sits me just fine. ;)

The wings I can animate. What I'd like is the piston-rods animated and a script written, but the script can come later.

Unfortunately, I lost the .blend file for that model in the hard-drive failure. Nothing was recoverable. So it will be quite a wait until I have the thing ready again. Luckily I have the GTA VC files to convert or I could reverse-engineer the .im already in Trainz.