Basics of moving a train


Delete if offensive or inappropriate. But I cannot find any tutorials whatsoever which detail......dare I say it..... how to drive a diesel or electric loco/railcar.

I am used to MSTS and TS20xx. So TRS22 is totally different to me. I was wondering if there any guides whatsoever which detail this process, in regards to disabling and enabling the train brakes, applying the dynamic brakes, being able to shut the alerter up, sounding the horn etc.

Any tips/links that answer my question to the point where I can actually get a train moving at track speed in this game would be appreciated.

Take a look to see if it helps
Unless it has changed with TRS22, Tutorial 7 "Realistic Mode" should help for diesel-electric, and Tutorial 10 for steam. But don't pass up Tutorials 8 "Train Brake" and 9 "Dynamic Brake". They will come in handy as well. All the tutorials are worth a run-through.
In case you don`t know where those tutorials are, they are built-in routes that are already part of your game.

Unless these are part of the separate packaged assets that also need to be downloaded to have a complete install, and you haven`t fetched them yet. Forester1?
I don't have 22, but on TRS19, when you start Trainz, the menu that begins with "DRIVER/SURVEYOR" has "LEARN TO DRIVE" Near the bottom. That is where the Tutorials are. In T:ANE, When you get to the list of Routes there is a back button on the lower left of the screen that says "< DRIVING TUTORIALS". They are built-in to T:ANE and TRS19.
I have `em; I just don`t remember if they came with the original ginormous download (over 12 hours for me, via DSL), or one of the merely big files of "packaged" content. I don`t remember that left-arrow, but in Trainz22 the tutorials are in an equivalent location.