Australian screenshots


The stars start to come out as 44205 stops at Lambley.
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Thanks for the complements :)
Here's some from the Brownlow Flats Railway.


4896 in Indian Red leads three other 48's on a loaded coalie waiting at the departure leg of the Hartcher Colliery Triangle for an empty to arrive.


3827 is stabled at Thompson Loco.


Three NR's are on their way to Brownlow Flats Depot L/E. They are waiting in the loop at Thompson.


44205 leads 44203 on a goods bound for the village of Mulbring Flats.

Sorry about making this post so big, but the 'sample' on the bottom right of each screen is supposed to contain my copyright. These screenies may not be used in any other thread without my permission and are not to be posted on Railpage Australia under ANY circumstances.

More to come in the near future.
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Ok, well heres my contribution to this thread. These two screenshots don't look like much now but they're the begining of something big. I'll tell you what it is. Its cowan bank in 3 hours of work stages. The first shot is taken between Boronia Tunnels 5 and 4 on a 1 in 40 grade.

I've been testing the line from Hawkesbury river to Cowan, and its nearly perfect. (the grades and track that is) It needs the geological side done to it and i need to get rid of the temorary tunnels and replace them with good NSW tunnels.

If anyone knows of any suitable tunnels that could be used and trees and other various things in the area, could you please contact me?

P.S. One track is dirty and the other is clean because the trains blow sand on the tracks on their way up to get better traction. You see that alot on heavy grades, anywhere.
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QR - Baffles Creek

Here is my latest contributions, a badly derelict branchline, which I've called Baffles Creek. I hope you enjoy these screenshots, as as usual, commentary or feedback is gratefully accepted :)

Special thanks to Boobless_Ed, for giving me the inspiration with his fantastic screenshots of an abandoned branchline



@ Muliebuck. I love it.
Do you want a couple of tips? Well you obviously can't answer now so here goes:

1.Usually if a branch line has been derelict for a while weeds will be poping on the actual track and extremely close to it. So i would add some more weeds and gras around.

2.With the straight sections, try to make the line un even with dips in the track and put waves in the track.

3.Make the trees un even so that one might be close but others are far and so on. I've never seen a straight row of native growing trees;)

Just some points, apart from that, it is a masterpeice:D
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Some early screenshots from a medium sized yard I've been working on, tentatively titled Casuarina Junction. Still much work needs to be done to it, but I think its slowly coming together. There are two entrances / exits from this yard. One is a double-track, the other is a single track. This route was built within TRS2006 + SP1, and uses both custom and third party content. At present, it is not set in any particular place, as no speed boards or signals have been placed, allowing for maximum customisation for any particular state of australia to use this route.

Based on its medium size, I recommend it be used as an 'edge of town' yard complex, as it is too large for a 'rural' setting, but too scrubby for a yard situated well within a town. I hope you enjoy the screenshots, and more will be forthcoming as this route progresses.

Casuarina Junction, at the southern extremity, looking towards the north, with sidings spurred off to the right.


This old trackbed was once a rail spur line servicing the nearby factories, but it was closed due to lack of rail usage, and the points and rail have been lifted, but the overgrown bed remains.


Once used for the storage of defective rolling stock and other railway equipment, these sidings have begun to decay and see little use. Their life is soon to come to an end, as these sidings will be lifted.


Here, we see the rail stop buffers at the end of the defective rolling stock sidings, nearly obscured by the shrubs and weeds that have grown up around them.

Shot taken from the northern end of the yards, looking south. To the left, is the small loco stables, where shunter locomotives get minor servicing and wait to shunt the yards.