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So... after seeing a thread specifically about PRR screenshots, thought it'd be cool to have one for ATSF and other western railroads if you guys are up for it. Santa Fe isn't real well modeled or pictured in the Trainz community in my opinion, especially in regards to the steam and transition era where there's a heavy lack of good engines and rolling stock to run with, not to mention good routes to run them on besides Cajon Pass, Coal County (Quahog Sub), Clovis Sub, San Diego 1930’s and Mojave Sub Division (Tehachapi). I have been working on a website to focus on producing and distributing content in regards to Santa Fe as well as many other western railroads that would've connected with it called "High Desert Trainz", which you can visit in the following link:

As with the PRR thread where posting about other eastern railroads that ran in the vicinity of PRR is acceptable, posting pictures and information of other railroads near to the Santa Fe even including SP, UP and other rural lines in the West are fine here as well. I'll start off with a few pictures of me own.






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Love the shot with the waiting horse and rider! I would think that rider would have gotten thrown when that whistle blew! Anyone know, is that blue loco by K&L or someone else?
My kitbashed model of ATSF 5000 at a railroad museum I designed in Melrose, New Mexico. Currently looking for routes that have the same look and/or feel as the Grand Canyon Railway to run her on.

Greetings! Searched further for ATSF steam, and found this bdaneal <kuid2:96914:3160:4>. Sent it rolling about the Yosemite Valley RR

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Found the perfect route to operate excursions with my kitbash of Santa Fe 5000. Kickstarter County. Who would've thought, a built-in route being exactly what I needed!