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Family height of buildings has grown! Furthermore, I plan AON Center in Los Angeles, Chrysler Building in NYC, WTC and others. :p


How do you like it?
I sent my registration info yesterday, but I have not received a confirmation email yet. Does it normally take this long?

I sent my registration info yesterday, but I have not received a confirmation email yet. Does it normally take this long?


Now you should be operational account. All activations are automatic verification e-mail address. For some: gmail, is a manual activation for safety reasons.
All those skyscrapers look excellent. Very high quality content. Looking forward to adding some of these assets to my custom route!
[h=1]First Canadian Place[/h]
[h=3]New iconic national retail brands, restaurants and many sought after uses will come together to solidify FCP as "the" retail destination in Toronto's Financial District offering unparalleled selection and convenience.[/h]First Canadian Place (FCP) is an impressive 72-storey office and shopping complex located in the heart of Toronto's business district. The building houses 10,000 office employees and records a daily pedestrian traffic of 84,000 people.



Picture source: http://urbantoronto.ca/database/projects/first-canadian-place-rejuvenation
Very nice models! I will be visiting your site to download for sure :) Keep it up, have you thought of doing any major stations?

If I could make a suggestion? Columbia Tower in Seattle WA, as Photographed from Smith Tower. Seattle Municipal Tower is the tower behind it to the right.


Washington Mutual Tower, also of Seattle. I have Sketchup models of all three of these towers in game atm, but having a dedicated Made-For Trainz Model, particularly if I could get them with Night Mode and fewer Polys (Then Sketch up, this wouldn't be hard to achieve, these three as sketchup models are eating about 20K Polys between them), would be outstanding. I saw you'd done a Hotel in Spokane and ground Textures for Washington State, so I'm guessing you have at least a little interest in The Evergreen State?

Feel free to PM me if you wish,
Hi Falcus,
The plans for the Columbia Tower I, for some time now, the problem is texture, I gotta make myself, which I do not see a problem. Night mode is skillfully commonplace. Municipal Tower you must wait. :)