anyone want to play multiplayer?


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Hey guys! I downloaded a session for mojave. it is a multiplayer session. does anybody want to DL it and play sometime this week? The name of session is: Multiplayer on the Mojave2.

We could also use my NEC multiplayer session (kuid:21165:10001), or another one. I just want to experience the multiplayer feature. I am in Trainz Mac2 build #65333. PM me if you are interested...

Ever get this going?


I would like to try the multiplayer functionality of TRS2019.

I've tried to download the Mojave2 route a dozen times, but it keeps crapping out with an "unable to contact host" message?

Any thoughts?

Oh for a simple route to run in multiplayer!

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This was originally a post from 2014, so...

Today I encountered a few people running trains around in MPS, the brand new multiplayer feature where routes are hosted on N3V servers. If you are really interested in multiplayer sessions, you should check that out.

The problem is that this is only available via Trainz Plus, the subscription version of Trainz. You can do like I did and subscribe and download as a separate installation to your TRS19. Currently the first month is free, so there is no risk to try it out.

MPS is a new product, so it's going through some early development pains, so, if you don't have patience for some bugginess, you might want to wait.