anyone got tips for me i got the game yesterday

First of all, Welcome aboard!

If you launch Trainz, head into Content Manager and where you see 'Filters' use the drop down menu to select 'Download Station'
Type Thomas into the search and download whatever you wish

While on the Trainz Launcher: You can open 'Trainz Settings' in the General tab, at the bottom you will see an option "Manage content as thumbnails' this will allow you to see thumbnails in Content Manager and on the Download Station 'DLS'.

The Download Station 'DLS' requires you to have a First Class Ticket 'FTC', in order to have premium download speeds.
Please visit the Trainz Store, log in with your Trainz account to purchase
To install payware addons that you have purchased via 'Steam' or 'Trainz Store'. On the Trainz Launcher, click on Content Store | Purchased tab
Tip: TRS19 comes with routes, these can also be installed via the 'Content Store' purchased tab

NOTE: Sometimes the Content Store will come up with a 'View Error' message after downloading a route or other addons you have purchased'
You can click view error and everything will be working fine ;)
Welcome to Trainz and to the forums.

When you download your content from the Content Store, also be sure to get any of the additional content packages available as well as any updates. This will ensure you have the base content installed so there's nothing missing to start with.

We highly recommend you go through the tutorials and learn how to drive the trains and perform tasks. This will barely scratch the surface and is only the start of what is a really big program, a program that's far larger than it appears, but at least it's a start. In addition to driving, you can easily create your own routes, almost endlessly. With nearly 740,000 assets available for download, there is plenty for you to install from the Download Station (DLS). As mentioned already, the First Class Ticket (FCT) will be your friend here.