Any Gmax Savvy-Types Looking For A Challenge/Project?


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Hi Everyone,

I started a thread earlier called VIA LRC set project ( in hopes of recruiting someone/some help to make the LRC (light, rapid, comfortable) engine and coaches for Canada's national carrier (era 1980's-2000) as well as the blue and yellow cars (era 1970's-1980's) which were purchased from CN and repainted). These are unique engines/cars and were iconic for some of us growing up in the 80's! :cool:

A few people replied which was great but unfortunately, those who did could not make those models in gmax...

I decided to try to do so and after a couple of weeks of tinkering, websearching, research, tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials, culminating with me finally wanting to smash my fist through the table! I've realized that this project is beyond me...:'(

So I'd like to extend an invitation to all those who ARE capable in Gmax to create this beautiful (and soon to be fully antiquated) engine and set (the engine has been retired for quite some time and I suspect the cars will be gone within 5 years or less). I have plenty of pics of them on my computer (and know a link where to get more) and would be more than happy to help you in any way I could. Others and myself would also be happy even if someone could make a blue and yellow coach (something close to magiclands cn lightweight passenger car - see the pics below) as that would be something as opposed to nothing. Personally speaking, I would be quite happy even with a super basic model (although a super detailed model would be great if someone had a lot of time on their hands and wanted a unique challenge...).

And if someone could do this,'d be Christmas in June at least for a few others and myself! :D

Thanks for reading!

Gisa ^^

A good way of enticing a creator is to do some of the research. If you can find any drawings then that makes life much easier. Also as many pics as possible of the obscure parts, bogey details, roofline, close-ups of the front and back, window areas, door areas, etc. These all make it more attractive for a creator to take up the challenge.

Just a thought (or two).

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. :) I was just a bit frustrated that 100 or so people viewed the thread and not one person replied or seemed interested. It's okay I guess, I am just surprised that nobody seem(ed/s) interested in making those coaches/engine. I do have many pics but unfortunately, nothing that would be 100% suitable in terms of gmax per se (as in a completely perspective shot from the side or back) but I do have many pics and know of where to find many.

Like I said, I'd do it myself but it's beyond my skills. :(

Thanks for the advice!

Gisa ^^
I'm grateful that magicland made the via f40ph and that someone else (I can't remember the creators name :( ) made the cross-country VIA coaches, but I'm stunned that no one has made the blue and yellow sets or the lrc sets as those are in daily use serving a combined population of probably 10 + million. I'm sure someone will make it someday...

In the meantime, I've got route construction to do. ;)

Gisa ^^
Hi All,

I recently got the itch to try to do these things again. I am not sure if I have the time or will succeed, but I do have some good news: I successfully obtained some diagrams of the engine and coaches! I'm not sure how useful they are but I think if someone can build from diagrams, then these would help a lot. They are .pdf's but they might do the job. If anyone is interested in them, pm me and I'll send them your way.


Gisa ^^