Amtrak Material Handling Car



Amtrak still use these?
i think they stopped using those in the east a few years ago(i know they are no longer on the pennsylvanian) they might be used i the west
There are a few floating around, but yeah, they're pretty much phased them out. There are a number of amtrak roadrailers floating around also, but as before, they're pretty rare.
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Mail Handling Cars were taken out of service on 2/11/03. The 1400-series
cars have been sold.The 1500-series were restored to service on the NEC on November 15, 2003.
1400 series has been out of service for a while (I should know, I own 1400! :D :udrool: ).

Also: can we get a little info on the model? :D
Just some boxcars that I reskinned, I got some more work to do on them yet.
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i had temporarly released one, if you contact adam(titanic) or Gandalf(some number i cant remember) i'm sure they'd shoot a copy your way.

You never gave me such a thing! If you did I dont remember.:hehe: :eek:

I did a search in CMP, nothing came up. I looked manually under Amtrak as well. Nothing.

I did not recieve it. Contact Gandalf0444 for it. I think he has it.